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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The moment of my Life ....

The moment came ..the moment i was waiting for .......The moment every girl of my type waits .....Why even every man waits for this !!!

I was there with a garland in my hand .....Everybody smiling in today's function alone in a sober mood ......What on the earth am i doing ???

My memories turned back ....My dear Anbu mani ....The days spent with him ...A girl never becomes complete without man's affection ..Whenever he touched me i felt so pure ,so spiritual .....

..His voice was always sweet ..Even when he shouts at me ,i feel like kissing him ...She also remembered how her parents refused to accept Anbu Mani as their son-in-law as he was a rebellion ..What's wrong in being a rebellion ?everybody fights in life ....Some control their anger ...A woman who is controlled and forced to stay at home than work rebels herself unable to rebel outside ....Evene an ant does rebel ,when you try to kill him ....

"yenna ma ...engaye nikkira ..poo ma .medaiku poo ma " - the guy in white dhoti told me ....The very sight of the medai ( Podium kind of ) sent chill to my spine ..Is this how my life going to be ?

Yes - I have decided ...Iam going to die .Sucide ..YES ...She thought of Anbu Mani of how he will feel of her death ,she thought of her parents ....A tree without leaves ....How will death look like ?Will it be painful or instanesous ?What will happen after death ?Will i feel that iam the soul and not the body as claimed by the religion ?

How will people of my area speak of ?Will they keep a statue of mine as they did for kannagi ?Will they feel that they iam dying for a cause ..?Will the future of my peopel be good due to this ?Will the people standing on the podium releasize in the future atleast ?

Yes - The people standing on the podium too deserved to die ..After all ,they destoryed our people ..How many young men died ,girls raped ,parents turning orphans and my own brother ......YES ...A man dressed in white and white with a Tri COlor anga vasthiram came down the podium ..YES ..Iam going to put the garland on his head and blow him up .....

I prayed to god that in the next birth i should be born to a wealthy family in some other country to and marry Anbu Mani .....

Iam Kalaivani and this is my last recorded incident in my biography .
The day was May 21,1991 ,Location - Sriperumbudur

PS : Any resemblance to living or Dead is purely coincendental .This is purely fictious .By this the author does not mean to support any group or so.


  • Ramki
    Ennapaidu arembeme bayangarama irruku

    keep writing.
    My blogs

    check it out

    By Blogger Ganesh, at Thursday, April 28, 2005 6:38:00 AM  

  • Ganesh ,
    I just wanted to write whatever that comes to my mind and that excites me ....

    The idea of how a girl will feel before this kind of sucice excited me and i started writing something on that ...

    By Blogger Mumbai Ramki, at Thursday, April 28, 2005 8:37:00 AM  

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