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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My reality ....

I was prepared for the occasion .Dressed in a suit ,i walked with that magical wand in my hand . A big auditorium and thousands of people waiting for me to wave my hand .I stood on the center of the stage and to my left were some people starring at the paper before them - To my right were few who were meditating ,well almost .Some of them nervous as this was their first time on the stage .

I bowed by head ,saw the paper before me . The music just rushed in me and before the musicians started playing ,the score was already being played in my mind . Whenever i see this manuscript with musical notes ,a feeling of ecstasy comes in - something beyond this body and extends to the soul - a state of perfect unity with onself and nature .

I waved my hand and the music flows just like a river .My first ever symphony composed ,conducted by me - I felt like how bethoveen would have felt when he composed and conducted his own 9 th symphony , a sense of joy which is above all these sense pleasures .

Whats happening ? There is water all over my face ! WHo did that ? Oof ...I see a faint rememberance of a woman throwing a bucket of water on my face ! Who is she ? She resembles my sister ...Oooh !! What is she doing in this concert ? WHat is going to happen to my symphony ????

"Anna ..get up ......sleep la enna kuthura ottara ??" ...My sister woke me up from my sleep . Well - how can i explain to her that i was actually conducting my dream symphony ? Reality did bit me .I got up from my bed - well not a bed but akind of bed u can see in middle class families .My brain made me a guy with Multiple personality disorder ,with reality and my dream fusing this morning . Every minute i spent today ,it reminded me of my dream concert .Brushing of my teeth reminded me waving my hand at the string players , bathing ,washing my body reminded me of the quick movements in the symphony and me doing the morning pooja reminded me of the schubert's symphony.

But reality - it seems so different .I could see my father resting on his easy-chair - he was always peculiar -wondered why he never became a photographer in movies .I dreamt many times of my father doing the photography for a film and me doing the background score - the background score should come spontaneously on seeing the visuals - My brain ready for it - but opportunities ,money ?

You may imagine my house filled with music manuscripts ,notes ,keyboards ,synthesisers and everything - No ..i just have one little keyboard which a 12 year old threw it and i picked it up and repaired . My father was always supportive of my musical career ,he had his own hidden desire and he wanted its manifestation thru me - His hidden desire of excelling in arts ,music .

Thankfully ,working in a private firm has helped me save quite a good amount to buy a keyboard . Today is the day for me . A day to buy the keyboard .I felt a full flow of adrenaline in my whole body ..Just athinking ...Probably this is how Illayraaja would have felt when he played with his first harmonium ?

"pathu ayiram rupa iruntha evalvu pannalam ...poium poium entha dappa va poi vangraye " ..amma started her groans .However my sister supported me and it seemed nothing in the world could stop me from buying the keyboard - Nothing not even my own plan for my sister's marriage ,my mariage ,my future - Nothing came to my mind ..Only keyboard ,notes ,counter points ,harmony ,raaga - I felt its a god gift to appreciate arts and it is god himself who is manifesting through me ...

Just then the song ' Thendral vanthu theendum pothu ' song played - Yes , Raaja sir - I will also create melodies like u have created -Something that comes and it is not called for ! How can i express my feeling ..How will it look like to play it in that 6 -octave keyboard ..I started imagining me working continously in music ,in some studios ,with me immersed in music and music .I could never imagine making money through music .Music is music - Whether people appreciate it or not ,the joy of creating music is more than appreciation .

My addidas T-Shirt and Jeans smiled at me and soon it became a part of me . I stepped out and stumbled upon the wall - My sister told me to sit down and drink some - Typical bramin girl she is .So many tunes i have sung on just seeing her face - I do feel guilty for not saving money for her marriage ,but my passion for music has gone deep inside that none of them mattered - or it mattered ,but i could not do anything .

I was walking towards the bus -stop -Just then a boy was walking with his guitar - The very sight of a musical instrument excited me . My imagination went to studios ,me working with great keybaord players ,guitarists and great conductors appreciating my music - 'Enna paa ...road la saga poriyaa ' - Just then an auto driver brought me back to reality ..

I took my 23 C - yes it is my 23 C .My Bus - The bus i board to attend all concerts ,concerts where entry tickets were more than my salary and yet i managed to get an entry ...of course no body could see me inside the auditorium ..How will they ,if i was inside a bathroom (near the stage -back door ) all along the concert ? Not even the smell of shit could turn my intrests off .

"Ticket ,ticket ,ticket ' ..the conductor was shouting ,asking ,yelling - whatever u call ....There is a rythmn in that and my my brain went to 3/4 ,6/8 beat cycles and violins started rushing in - ' Ennapa ,ticket illaya ? ' - the checking inspector asked me ...I did'nt know what to respond ..Did i buy the ticket ? I don't remember .I had a ticket on my shirt pocket ,don't know if it is the right one .Just handed over the ticket to him .The checking inspector glanced at me ,smiled and gave it to me . However ,later realized that the smile wa snot for me but for a goo dlooking girl on my back seat - Good looking girl - it reminds me of my mother sitting on the top of my head and asking me to marry - How can i marry now ? Tommorrow i can come to street with no penny in my pocket- should that girl also suffer for me ? No i refused and stated some false reasons for that . My mother always skeptical of me ,my career - like a typical middle class brahmin lady ,always wanting her son to be a doctor ,engineer working like a robot for 10 hours !

'Aiyoo ..mava raasa ..poitiyaa ' ...- some crap noise a,i just poked my head out fo the window ..Some death procession ...The guy was an old man of 65 years - i hardly saw his face ,the body was full of garlands ,covered with white cloth - Some death ,sad - i saw people crying ,howling ,some peopele dancing to the beats - Beats ,beats ,rythm ,folk ,folk tunes in thiyaraja keertana my thoughts went on..It would have continued but for my attention getting diverted abt something . There were some sweets placed on the body's mouth - First i thought it should be 'vakkarisi ' ,but then it was mysore pakku . I smiled a bit ,but then controlled my laughter .

Out of my curisoity ,i got down and wanted to find why they had stuffed those sweets in dead man's mouth . I got down ,escaped from auto's random movements and reached near the dead body . People were dancing ,crying and some even discussed politics - all kinds of emotions were there . I enquired a guy of why they has stuffed those sweets . That guy replied that his person liked mysore paaku very much but cld not eat much as he was diabetic and cholosterol patient .His son and his wife had stuffed those sweets so that his aavi ( ghost) will come and eat .

I felt a bit strange on hearing this - I mean ,why can't they can just allow him to eat what he wants ? Why did they wait after the death ? Simple thing ,but no common sense for people . I kept on walking .I turned back to see the body again and my brain was hit by strong thoughts -uncontrollable ,thoughts with visuals - Nothing came into my mind except the visuals ,not even my dear music .....

A mix of past and future haunted my brain ..I saw a dead body having the face of my father and me crying over him ..My thoughts flashed ..My father wanting to buy good quality camera ,sacrificing it for the family ;My father standing on the top of mountain and acting as though he is a photo grapher ; My father getting up early at 5 to see the sun rise ; my father begging my uncle to allow him to photograph for the tour ; My father deciding to buy moped for me than to but his dream sony digital camera ; My father crying in his dead bed for us and rependting on his past -life ,his unfullfilled desires ......;

I remembered my father's words when i asked of why he did not buy a good camera till now . He replied ' for you and ur sister ' - I was impressed with that reply ,but asked him about his inner desires to become photographer ,to travel great locations ,to win awards ,to be union with art and everything - He gave me a reply " Art is art whether it comes out of ur brain to public or not .Even if i don't have the camera ,i still enjoy the art - My brain creates the images and for me that is sufficent ' - He lied and i could see it in his face , a disappoitment of wasting his life and his deep feeling of not being able to do what he wants in his life ..

But he has said the truth - "art is Art ,whether it come sout in public or not . Art is a matter of inner joy and not just appreciation ' - Yes ..but .....
Still i went to that electronics shop ..So many keyboards ..Casio ,yamaha ...Photographs of MSV ,Illayraaja ,Rehman ,Naushad ,Beethoveen ...A Jazz classical from glenn Miller was playing , a guy of my age was checking the keyboard by playing the Moonlight Sonata ...Another tested the guy and sang all 80s SPB songs ...Another was playing 'illaya nila ' in guitar and all that ...I had sufficent money for all of them and i had my dcision - Nobody can change that - Not even the god ,though it is who gave me the thought . I asked ...

' Anne ...latest digital SOny -TK 123 model kaatunga ! "

Yes - i can't see myself putting a camera on my father's dead body - My passion will remain a passion - my brain is my studio and my heart is the listener :


  • Ramki,
    Good one.Ethu enna father day special la ?? :).Nice style. Dream and reality intermingling.Good finish. kalakittinga.

    By Blogger sen, at Tuesday, June 21, 2005 11:30:00 AM  

  • Senthil ,
    Story is one thing .In this story ,i have listed all my fav music directors and their music pieces ..Like Beethoven's 9 th symphony etc ..

    So i have to pass the tag 'token' to some body else :)

    By Blogger Mumbai Ramki, at Tuesday, June 21, 2005 11:42:00 AM  

  • nice post ramki. Almost i feel the same and i do dream about composing music and especially writing symphony. I have started learning Western classical piano and i am trying hard to compose a symphony on my own. Basically the reason why i am learning piano is because, earlier i use to compose a lot in my mind, whenever i read some new poems i use to compose it, but i didn't know how to show it out as i didn't had any formal training in music. do you any weblinks to know more about "How to write symphony".

    By Blogger Suresh Kumar, at Saturday, August 20, 2005 7:36:00 PM  

  • Suresh ,
    Let me tell my expereince of learning western classic and Indian Classic ...-I never learnt it completely ..

    Never start with in mind of composing a symphony - its too too huge a thing to start with and be sure that u will have lot of disappointment ......

    Just learn music and enjoy it to the fullest and the automatically everything will come on ..

    Its the same as trying to write a screenplay for a movie when we haven't known the difference between a screenplay and novel !!!

    ANyway all the best !!!

    By Blogger Mumbai Ramki, at Saturday, August 20, 2005 8:06:00 PM  

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